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I have many years experience of risk management within corporate business and the work place environment and am conscious that many individuals and small businesses are often lost or overwhelmed when putting together a risk assessment, safe system of work, COSHH assessment or health and safety policy.

More and more businesses and service providers find that they have to provide risk management controls in place to satisfy potential customers or for tendering purposes.

Risk management helps you identify and minimise the risk to your business and helps you comply with legislation.

If you require help or advice with Risk Management issues within your business or on a specific task then please contact me, together we can ensure compliance.


What is Risk Management.

  • Ensuring that staff and the general public are properly protected.
  • Focusing on reducing real risks that arise often and risks that have serious consequences.
  • Allowing individuals to become involved in the risk management process.
  • Ensuring that risks are managed responsibly and that failure to manage risks can lead to robust action.
  • Ensuring that individuals understand risk and take responsibility to comply and manage risk.


What is Risk Assessment.


A risk assessment is a systematic method of looking at work activities, considering what could go wrong and introducing suitable controls to prevent loss, damage or injury in the work place. The assessment must include the controls required to eliminate, reduce or minimise the risks.

Individuals will naturally conduct a dynamic risk assessment as part of their daily routine. For example an individual will quickly assess the pros and cons of crossing a busy road. A fire man will quickly (dynamically) assess the risk of entering a damaged or burning building, therefore creating a more formal and thought out risk assessment is just an extension of what we do in our daily activities.

Risk assessments are best undertaken using an appropriate risk assessment document, you can download several types off the internet, further very useful information can also be found at the HSE website.


The potential benefits of having a risk management plan.


  • Supporting your business plan.
  • Best use of business resources.
  • Helping to promote continuous improvement.
  • Reduces the chance of shocks and surprises.
  • Reassures customers and other business stakeholders.
  • Helps to focus internal audits.


So remember assessing risk can reduce the chance of shocks and surprises.





Please contact me if you have any questions or need some advice.  





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